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Dragon Form

Name: SnowStorm
Nickname: Storm
Side: Dragons
Gender: female
Age: 68
Kind of Dragon: Snow
Scale color: pearly white
Eye color: deep blue
Accessories: none
Personality: Storm is kind and gentle, but can be very harsh and lethal when it comes to the other sides. She loves a good fight and can be very stubborn and sarcastic.
History: Storm was raised away from dragons, griffons, and pheonix. When she was old enough to take care of herself, her parents left her to fend for herself. slightly after, she was almost killed by a griffon and pheonix. She vowed to kill any griffon and pheonix that wasn't fighting on the same side as her.
Strengths: She is very agile, fast, strong, and she can swim. she has a freezing breath that freezes enemies in their tracks for a few hours.
Weaknesses: she doesn't run fast on land.
Other: nope


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